Funny  monkey  video

Funny monkey video

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Funny monkey video gives  full  fun  and  entartainment. This  is  one  of  the  mind freshness  video. You  cannot  control  your  laugh . Funny monkey video IS  a  video  where  monkey  do  amazing  role  and  happiness.Monkeys are one of the funniest animals. I wanted to make a top 10 funny monkeys but than decided to make this compilation.


A baby monkey is surely such a cute animal. If you want to see a video of a cute baby monkey or Funny monkey video  out these cute and funny monkeys.A baby  monkey  is  so  cute  and  funny.



Taxonomic classification


Family: Cebidae

Scientific name Common name Classified Average size Conservation status References
Cebus capucinus white-headed capuchin 1758 Linnaeus 3,900 g (140 oz) least concern [86][87]
Cebus albifrons white-fronted capuchin 1812 Humboldt 2,900–3,400 g (100–120 oz) least concern [88][89]
Cebus olivaceus weeper capuchin 1848 Schomburgk least concern [90][91]
Cebus kaapori Kaapori capuchin 1992 Queiroz critically endangered [92][93]
Cebus apella tufted capuchin 1758 Linnaeus 1,900–4,800 g (67–169 oz) least concern [94][95]
Cebus libidinosus black-striped capuchin 1823 Spix least concern [96][97]
Cebus nigritus black capuchin 1809 goldfuss near threatened [98][99]
Cebus xanthosternos golden-bellied capuchin 1826 Wied critically endangered [100][101]
Cebus flavius blond capuchin 1774 Schreber 2,000–3,000 g (71–106 oz) critically endangered [2][102][103]
Saimiri oerstedii Central American squirrel monkey 1872 Reinhardt 695–829 g (24.5–29.2 oz) vulnerable [104][105]
Saimiri sciureus common squirrel monkey 1758 Linnaeus least concern [106][107]
Saimiri ustus bare-eared squirrel monkey 1843 I. Geoffroy least concern [108][109]
Saimiri boliviensis black-capped squirrel monkey 1834 I. Geoffroy and Blainville least concern [110][111]
Saimiri vanzolinii black squirrel monkey 1985 Ayres least concern [112][113]