Men and Women jokes

Men and Women jokes

October 12, 2018 0 By jsjeevan74gmailcom

Men and Women jokes are funny jokes and these jokes gives full read carefully and enjoy Men and Women jokes.


A man and his wife were on their honeymoon. The husband took off his pants and handed them to his wife.

“See if they fit.”

“They don’t.”

“Now you see who will wear the pants in this house.” She thought a little while, and took off her panties and asked him to try them on.

“I can’t get into these.”

“And you won’t, either, with that attitude.”


A man logic

A couple wants a divorce, but first they must decide who will be the main guardian of their child. The jury asks both the man and woman for a reason why they should be the one to keep the child. So the jury asks the woman first. She says, “Well I carried this child around in my stomach for nine months and I had to go through a painful birth process, this is my child and apart of me.” The jury is impressed and then turns to ask the man the same question. The man replies, “OK, I take a coin and put it in the drink machine and a drink comes out, now tell me who does the drink belong to me or the machine”



The last guy I went out with, he was just so — I don’t know — hopeless. He said if I broke up with him that he would kill himself. And I broke up with him, but he’s not dead yet. I want to call him up and be like, ‘You know, what’s the deal? I thought we had an agreement.’




She’s from Chicago, I’m from Chicago; I could have been a first lady. But they would have done that background check — I ain’t no lady. Michelle looks like she always knew she wanted to be a first lady; don’t look like she went through a slut phase. I did. Slut phase one, two and three. There’s a fourth comin’.